Your Trusted, Certified Cadillac Body Shop on Long Island

For 115 years, Cadillac has been at the forefront of innovation and will continue to test limits and push the world towards a brighter future. Striving for a safer and more connected road, Cadillac has exclusive technology called Vehicle-to-Vehicle that is able to communicate with other cars with the same system and share information about road conditions or possible accidents. With all of this advanced technology, getting into accidents would seem like a thing of the past, but it still happens. When it does, you need a body shop that can repair your Cadillac to its original condition, and Flower Hill Auto Body is your Cadillac certified body shop on Long Island.

Who Should You Trust?

Your Cadillac is crafted to perfection with premium metals, natural woods, and cut and sewn leather. With this much attention to detail and hand craftsmanship, how could you trust any auto repair shop to bring back your car back to its original condition? That’s where the Cadillac Authorized Aluminum Repair Center comes in the picture. This program was created to select only the best auto collision facilities throughout the country, and to provide extensive specialized training. To receive this recognition, repair shops have to achieve requirements in equipment, tooling, and genuine Cadillac parts to repair Cadillac mixed metal, aluminum vehicles. Flower Hill Auto Body has been recognized by Cadillac for the investment and commitments made in achieving these standards and procedures. So whenever you’re in doubt, you can trust Flower Hill to provide the best results.

Why Go with a Certified Shop?

When you have a vehicle with such advanced technology like a Cadillac, it’s prudent to go to a repair facility that has a specially trained crew to handle any and all repairs. Not every vehicle is built the same, and each Cadillac is constructed with intense precision to provide high-level performance and quality. The material used to create the chassis is an advanced mixture that is strategically made by Flower Hill Auto Body to provide more durability without compromising structure weight or ride quality. Other aluminum-intensive models have gone so far as to fit eleven other metals into their process to provide the perfect combination for ultimate performance and efficiency. Non-certified shops have no way of knowing the explicit materials needed for these repairs, but Flower Hill Auto Body does.

Make the right choice when you find yourself in need of a certified Cadillac body shop on Long Island, and don’t trust any run of the mill repair shop. Visit us at Flower Hill Auto Body, and let our highly trained staff take care of the rest.