Flower Hill Auto Body is a Honda Collision Repair Facility, certified by American Honda Motor Cars. At Flower Hill Auto Body, we assemble, inspect, clean, and repair all parts of your Honda. Our team offers a variety of services to get your Honda back on the road.

Our technicians replace the necessary parts to ensure your Honda is in the best shape possible. All parts are tested to ensure they are original and from the OEM. Since the products we use are authentic, Honda honors the warranties on them.

Flower Hill Auto Body strives to meet the highest standards set by Honda. Our technicians undergo thorough and rigorous training with Honda vehicles. Specifically, their aluminum casting and welding capabilities are evaluated to ensure that all welded joints meet the strict OEM specifications. Flower Hill Auto Body is also monitored by the Honda Body Repair Program personnel, making sure our body shop receives the latest and greatest information when it comes to Honda repairs.

We’re proud to add Honda to our list of 20+ OEM certifications. At Flower Hill Auto Body, your Honda will be in good hands every step of the way.

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