Flower Hill Auto Body is a genuine Honda part remanufacturing shop. We assemble, inspect, clean, and repair all parts of Honda machines. Our team offers a variety of services at Flower Hills Auto body for your Honda!

Remanufacturing Honda products

We replace all the necessary parts to make sure that your car is in the best shape it can be in. All the parts are tested to ensure they are original and authentic from Honda manufacturers. Our products have warranties honored by Honda Dealers across the country too.

Replacement of aftermarket parts

Flower Hills has trained experts that fix aftermarket parts too. You can get aftermarket products at our shop for affordable prices too. However, the aftermarket products may not provide the same fit and structural strength the way original Honda parts do. Here are the names we use for aftermarket parts at Flower hill:

  • A/M Aftermarket/ Automotive replacement parts

  • QRP Quality Replacement Part

  • CP Competitive Parts

  • LKQ Like Kind and Quality

  • Rebuilt part

At Flower Hills, we have trained professionals who are specialized in rebuilding parts for Honda. Our specialized team only replaces parts that are broken or damaged. Our clients are given warranties of 30 days as well.

Flower Hill Auto Body strives to meet the highest standards by making sure that their technicians undergo thorough and rigorous training and work with the vehicles. Their aluminum casting and welding capability are evaluated to ensure that all welded joints meet the strict OEM specifications together with the mechanical joint-making technology originally used in the making of Honda motors. Flower Hill Auto Body is also monitored by the Honda Body Repair Program personnel to give customers the best Honda vehicles out there.

Flower Hill Auto Body is a ProFirst Collision Repair Facility, certified by American Honda Motor Cars. Flower Hill has completed prescribed collision industry training and has exhibited excellence in the collision repair process and procedures through verification. Experts have also completed specific Honda and Acura training. Especially when it comes to those standards requiring tools and equipment, it is committed to a high level of customer satisfaction and has demonstrated excellence in facility management. Flower Hill Auto Body has therefore been awarded the title of ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facility. Your Honda will be in good hands every step of the way.

To learn more, please visit Honda Collision.

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