Being a member of the Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility, Flower Hill Auto Body ensures that you receive the best services every time. When you take your car into our auto repair dealership, you can leave it there stress-free:

  • We strive to exceed your service and performance expectations. This will be achieved with the courtesy of the best-trained employees who have been certified by Volkswagen collision repair.

  • Excellency is guaranteed in the workmanship on your vehicle.

  • The Volkswagen standards are maintained to the highest degree through and through. The trained employees ensure that they follow a strict procedure in order to maintain your vehicle in the best taste. It is so essential for the procedure to be maintained due to the needs and requirements of the vehicle.

  • One of the things that are not going to be compromised is the use of other parts for the Volkswagen vehicles. The facilities that are ensuring the repair of the vehicles ensure that the Volkswagen parts are strictly used in whatever circumstances.

  • When the employees are going through the training before they are employed, they are taken through the catalog of Volkswagen body parts that are used in the vehicle. This knowledge has allowed them to have access to information on the repair procedure of the vehicle. They also have exclusive access to the repair materials and parts that are going to be of great help to the repair.

  • We also ensure you receive all benefits of warranties that come with the vehicle.

Flower Hill Auto Body has met Volkswagen of America standards and specifications for the highest quality repair of Volkswagen vehicles involved in a collision. This signifies that Flower Hill has completed the required training and has acquired the equipment needed to support Volkswagen of North America, seeking collision repair needs.

This program was put in place to select only the best auto collision facilities around the country and provide each member with the training they need. This specialized training helps support all repair and care for the complete line of Volkswagen vehicle platforms.

To learn more, please visit Volkswagen Collision Repair.

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