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Our History

Long Island's leader in certified collision repair for over 70 years

Begin Journey


Flower Hill Auto Body embraces its heritage of fine automobile repair craftsmanship. From the very beginning, their story started with family and continues strong into three generations of operation and ownership. The original repair facility was founded in the late 1940s after World War II by John Picciano Sr. John Sr.’s business partner, a man by the name of Joe Damiani, bought the current Roslyn location as the second shop to his service station in Great Neck, NY. John Sr. soon took over the Roslyn shop, and at the time, he and Joe Damiani split from their business partnership. From that day on, March 24th, 1966, the “Flower Hill Auto Body” name was coined and a family legacy continued. John Sr. and John Jr. became main business partners later on, and in 1970 John Jr. became 100% owner. In the early 2000s, John III joined as the third generation partner, and Flower Hill Auto Body is currently operated by the father and son duo.

“We have four father and son employees on our team and consider our staff our extended family. We have multiple employees that have been here over 35 years.” – John Jr & John III.

Strathmore Auto Body

John Picciano Sr. started Strathmore Auto Body in Great Neck NY after returning from service during WWII.

Second Location Opens

John Picciano Sr partnered with his brother Nick and opened a 2nd location for Strathmore Auto Body at 12 Middle Neck Road Roslyn NY, our present location.

Flower Hill Auto Body Is Born

Changed name from Strathmore Auto Body permanently to Flower Hill Auto Body

Jack Joins The Family Business

John Picciano Jr. “Jack” joined his father and his Uncle Nick in the business full-time.

Family Business

Jack bought his Uncle Nick out of the business and he and his father remained partners.

Business Expansion

Continually expanded business in both size and number of employees.

John Sr. Retires

Jack bought his father out of the business as John Picciano Sr retired.

Building A Team

Jack focused on building a team of qualified employees.

Technology Improvements

Continual investment in tooling & training and through embracing technology we differentiated ourselves in the auto body repair industry.

A Growing Team

The Flower Hill Auto Body team grew from 4 original employees to over 20 employees.

Three Generations

John Picciano III joins Flower Hill Auto Body expanding the business to three generations.

Aston Martin Certification

First brand certification with Aston Martin.

OEM Certifications

Certified in seven more brands by 2005.

10 Manufacture Certifications

Expanded our network of OEM certifications to over 10 manufacturers. Continually invested in equipment, tooling, and training to stay at the very top of the auto repair industry.

Shop Renovations

Renovated the facility and took over additional square footage for our office and shop.

Building A Brand

Continue to expand our list of OEM certifications. We proudly have over 20 Brand Certifications. The list of certifications and our OEM relationships continue to grow into the future.

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