Structural Aluminum Repair

Aluminum use in vehicle production continues to become more and more standard every passing year. The incorporation of aluminum reduces vehicles’ weight and has been proven to help with handling. When your vehicle’s aluminum structure becomes damaged, your vehicle will lack performance or may even be inoperable.

If your vehicle has structural damage to its aluminum parts, you can trust that Flower Hill Auto Body will restore it back to its original condition. Flower Hill Auto Body handles all aspects of structural aluminum repair from straightening to necessary equipment. We are certified by over 22 OEMs and have several accreditations along with 70 years of automotive experience. We hope to help get your vehicle back to its tip-top condition.


Flower Hill Auto Body has been in business for over 70 years. It is difficult to find other auto body shops that have the skills and capabilities that we have, which is why we are so highly recommended. If you are in the Long Island area and are looking to have the structure of your vehicle repaired, look no further! Flower Hill Auto Body is here to carefully repair your vehicle’s structure and meet any other repair needs you may have.

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