Expert Color Matching

At Flower Hill Auto Body, Roslyn, NY, we have the ability to expertly match any color you wish for your vehicle. We don’t believe that close to original is good enough, and neither do our factory-trained certified technicians. At Flower Hill Auto Body, expert color matching can be a breeze. Your job is to bring in the color you desire, our job is to do the rest!

When you bring in your vehicle for expert color matching, you can be sure you will be driving off with your car looking like it just came from the dealership. Flower Hill Auto Body’s 15,000-square-foot facility is comprised of only the latest state-of-the-art equipment guaranteed to efficiently match your paint color the first time. It doesn’t matter if your paint is simply dulled, faded, or scratched, or if there’s damage from a major collision. Either way, your car will receive the same level of care, every time. Our skilled technicians have exquisite matching and blending skills that are so refined, that you won’t even remember where the repaired paint was.

Here at Flower Hill Auto Body, we want our customer’s to be completely satisfied with their expert color-matching paint job. If you have recently been in an accident that caused damage to your vehicle’s paint job, we are here for you! Our goal is always to get your paint job looking like it did before the collision, if not better! Even if you haven’t been in an accident and your paint job is just scratched or faded, we will still give your car the same level of care that we would with a car with more serious damage. We take our expert color matching seriously, so close is never what we are aiming for. Our precise matching and blending process ensures that you won’t even be able to tell the repaired areas from the original paint. That’s a promise!

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