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Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Aston Martin Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program. This signifies that technicians have completed the required training and have acquired the equipment essential to support Aston Martins of North America. This is especially useful for those seeking collision repairs. This program was put in place to offer customers only the best auto collision facilities around the country and provide each member with the training they need. This specialized training helps support all repairs and care for the complete line of Aston Martin vehicle platforms, including steel-manufactured platforms, aluminum bodies, and chassis platforms. Recent changes also feature new multi-technology platforms of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, and high-strength blended steels.

When dealing with vehicles and state-of-the-art technology, it is very important to have specialized and trained facilities to handle any repair. Each Aston Martin is built with very strict and precise tolerances whether it is the engine or the way individual features are designed. In order to sustain the high level of quality that the vehicle has, it is imperative to have a qualified and authorized repair facility handle any collisions. Flower Hill Auto Body’s Aston Martin’s authorized collision repair status ensures that an Aston Martin-sanctioned repair specialist will perform high-quality repairs so that you can maintain the factory warranties on your vehicle.

Only specialized repair shops can make the cut for your Aston Martin. All shops applying to be recognized as official repair facilities go through a rigorous vetting process. Everything has to be flawless from the word go. When Aston Martin approached Flower Hill Auto body for their program, a team of experts was immediately fascinated by their strong focus on quality body repair work and their impressive customer satisfaction rate. First Class Collison and Body Repair work is an absolute necessity for Aston Martin’s body repair program. Aston Martin vehicles are different from other cars in so many respects. Therefore, not any regular body repair shop can be trusted to carry out these body repairs. Flower Hill Auto Body has the skilled mechanics and genuine parts to give your Aston Martin vehicle the best service.

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