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Mazda prioritizes customer experiences at the heart of everything they do. Flower Hill Auto Body is proud to be recognized as a Mazda Certified Collision repair shop. With new and innovative designs and technology upgrades with every model, it’s easy to see how Mazda can elevate every drive:

“Make cars that make driving matter. That’s why we build every Mazda to inspire, excite and most of all – bring people joy. This philosophy guides everything we do. From technology, to design, to safety. Our cars are built by insightful craftsmen and detail-obsessed engineers who want to elevate your state of being every time you get behind the wheel.” -Mazda USA.

The same can be said for our clients at Flower Hill Auto Body, as we do everything in our power to ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of from the moment you first visit our repair center. With our motto being, “Quality, when it matters most”, it is only fitting that we strive to meet our customers’ needs by adding a value-focused manufacturer to the list of Flower Hill Auto Body OEM certifications.

Similar to our other certifications, the Mazda Collision Network doesn’t offer this exceptional certification to just anyone. This program differs from other OEM repair programs due to its metrics-driven approach. Those who wish to participate in an OEM repair program must meet leading industry standards for business operations, training, tools, and equipment. There are also continued compliance requirements, with ongoing, systematic monitoring of each job to ensure safety cycle time and customer satisfaction.

It’s always important to note that choosing a repair facility that utilizes OEM parts is also crucial for your Mazda repairs. When using original equipment manufacturer parts, the consumer is guaranteed a more precise fit which will aid in the performance and reliability of your vehicle. This high-quality standard is well worth it so you don’t waste money on a part that ends up not being compatible with your vehicle or not working properly. These OEM parts are smartly designed and tested to match Mazda standards, increasing vehicle efficiency. Aftermarket parts have the reputation of failing sooner, which will cause additional wear and tear to your vehicle, ensuring poor performance.

With the rapid advancements in-vehicle technology, it’s difficult for collision repairers to stay on top of it all. With the help of the Mazda Collision Network and our dedicated technicians, you can have full confidence that your Mazda is in the right hands at Flower Hill Auto Body. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we will have you back behind the wheel sooner than you think.

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