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Flower Hill Auto Body, in Roslyn NY, is proud to announce that we have earned a well-deserved BBB A+ Rating. This rating isn’t earned easily and is a huge honor for any business to achieve. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating represents the BBB’s opinion of how a business interacts with its customer. They seek and only use information directly from our business and public data sources. BBB ratings can range anywhere from F to A+, with A+ being the highest. The rating is based on a point system, ranging from 0-100 points. To receive an A+ rating, a business must receive at least 97 points. Our A+ rating proves we are an incredibly reputable business that cares about our relationships with our customers. Flower Hill Auto Body doesn’t just focus on providing the best auto repair services, we also focus on satisfying our customers throughout the entire experience. We want all of our customers to leave our shop happy with both their repair job and their experience as a whole.

We have received the BBB A+ rating, which proves we are a business that puts our customers’ needs before anyone else. The rating is focused on a few different things, mainly how our interaction with customers goes. The first thing that the BBB looks at is our complaint history. They also look at how we resolved those complaints. We did excellent in this category. Other things the BBB looks at include the following:

  • Amount of time in business – We have been in business for many, many years so the BBB has decided we are reputable because of this, along with other factors.

  • Transparent business practices – The BBB believes that businesses should operate transparently. We take this seriously, and as you can see on our website, we are very open about everything, including services offered, pricing, policies, and more.

  • Licensing – The BBB makes sure a business has any mandatory licensing before they give their final rating. We are sure to always stay up-to-date with our licensing, which is why we have received such a high rating.

At Flower Hill Auto Body, we are proud to have the BBB A+ Seal.

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