Flower Hill Auto Body is a Cadillac Authorized Aluminum Repair Center. Cadillac recognizes Flower Hill Auto Body for its commitment and investment made to achieve the standards and procedures established by Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network. All requirements in tooling, equipment, and Genuine Cadillac Parts to repair Cadillac mixed metal, and aluminum vehicles have been achieved. Flower Hill Auto Body also maintains a staff of repair technicians who are trained in the latest aluminum structural repairs, body procedures, and technology for proper vehicle repairs.

This program was put in place to select only the best auto collision facilities around the country and provide each member with the training they need. This specialized training helps support all repair and care for the complete line of Cadillac vehicle platforms, including steel manufactured platforms, mixed metal, aluminum body, and chassis platforms.

When dealing with vehicles with state-of-the-art technology, it is very important to have specialized and trained facilities to handle any repair. Each Cadillac is built with very strict and precise tolerances whether it is the engine or the way the chassis is designed. In order to sustain the high level of quality that the vehicle has, it is imperative to have a qualified and authorized repair facility handle any collisions.

We make it a point to help you get the most out of your Cadillac. We even use a mixed material strategy for the lightweight and ergonomic body structure of your device. The mixture approach is so advanced that it makes the ride more durable and sleek. Some aluminum-intensive models have been fitted with 11 other metals that make it possible to attain performance and efficiency. Strength is also a factor that is not left behind when our repair technicians repair your Cadillac. The collision repair industry in conjunction with the Flower Hill Auto Body will make it possible for the new architecture to be in action. They are going to make it possible for the availability and the facilitation of advanced materials and the unique joining methods that are used to create the Cadillac CT6. Training is also available for people who are interested in assembling and repairing Cadillac vehicles.

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Flower Hill Auto Body is a Cadillac CT6 Specialty Facility

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