Factory-Authorized Repair Certifications


KIA If your Kia has been in a collision, we can help you get the best results. No matter what the damage is, our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians will not only I’ve you an opportunity improve performance but also can restore [...]


 HYUNDAI Get the best results out of your Hyundai this year! With our custom attention and expert team, we can help your car shine, and make sure everything runs smoothly in no time at all. Our customer service team is easily [...]


FORD Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Ford National Body Shop Network. Flower Hill Auto Body is recognized by Ford as a Collision Care Provider. Flower Hill has been certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, [...]


 GM Flower Hill Auto Body is an Officially Recognized Genuine Repair Provider for General Motors. Flower Hill Auto Body is certified by Assured Performance Network, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, based on meeting or exceeding the manufacturer requirements for tooling, equipment, [...]


 HONDA Flower Hill Auto Body is a genuine Honda part remanufacturing shop. We assemble, inspect, clean and repair all parts of Honda machines. Our team offers a variety of services at Flower Hills Auto body for your Honda! Remanufacturing Honda products [...]


 NISSAN Caring for your Nissan is a great way to extend the life of your vehicle. At Flower Hill Auto Body Repair shop, we take great pride in assisting our customers and improving the overall condition of their vehicles. With trained [...]


 VOLKSWAGEN Being a member of the Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility, Flower Hill Auto Body ensures that you receive the best services every time. When you take your car into our auto repair dealership, you can leave it there stress free: [...]


INFINITI The Flower Hill Auto Body shop in conjunction with Infiniti certified collision repair networks makes it possible to have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Appropriate tools and equipment are always used when making and [...]


CADILLAC Flower Hill Auto Body is a Cadillac Authorized Aluminum Repair Center. Cadillac recognizes Flower Hill Auto Body for it’s commitment and investment made to achieve the standards and procedures established by Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network. All requirements in tooling, equipment and [...]


BMW Flower Hill Auto Body’s BMW trained staff will ensure that a BMW-sanctioned repair specialist will perform high quality repairs so that you can maintain the factory warranties on your vehicle. Here some of more specific services that they are offering [...]


ACURA Flower Hill Auto Body is a ProFirst Collision Repair Facility, certified by American Honda Motor Cars.   Flower Hill Auto Body has completed prescribed collision industry training and has exhibited excellence in the collision repair process and procedure through verification, has [...]


PORSCHE If anything happens to your Porsche, you need to get the best services in town to repair your car. Flower Hill Auto Body is part of a network of pre-approved collision repair shops that has been meticulously chosen to provide [...]


AUDI FACTORY AUTHORIZED BODY SHOP Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Audi Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program. Flower Hill Auto Body meets all Audi collision repair tools and training requirements for keeping up with your Audi [...]


MCLAREN FACTORY AUTHORIZED REPAIR SHOP All McLarens come with up-to-date driver safety systems. Nevertheless accidents do happen even to the most cautious of us. When entrusting your car to Flower Hill Auto Body, a McLaren appointed body shop [...]

Aston Martin

ASTON MARTIN FACTORY AUTHORIZED BODY SHOP Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Aston Martin Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program. This signifies that technicians have completed the required training and has acquired the equipment essential to support [...]


TESLA APPROVED BODY SHOP Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Program. This certifies that Flower Hill auto Body has met the exacting standards of Tesla Motors [...]


VOLVO CERTIFIED COLLISION SHOP Flower Hill Auto Body is pleased to be a member of the Volvo Certified Collision Network. Through a series of mandatory training events and regular inspection, Flower Hill Auto Body’s facility and professionals have [...]


MERCEDES-BENZ CERTIFIED COLLISION CENTER Flower Hill Auto Body is happy to be recognized as a Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Repair shop. Not everyone is able to achieve this level of certification, which is just one more reason we are [...]

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