Your Factory Certified McLaren Repair Shop on Long Island

Your McLaren vehicle is your pride and joy.  You take care of it by keeping up with maintenance and keeping the body free from imperfections.    Like all McLaren vehicles, yours gives you full control with precision engineering and electronic systems.  However, sometimes things happen that are not in your control, such as an inattentive driver or mother nature, and damages your vehicle.  How can you get your McLaren back to its pristine condition?  Bring it to Flower Hill Auto Body, your factory certified McLaren repair shop on Long Island.

Why Flower Hill Auto Body?

We know you have options on where to take your vehicle for any type of service.  However, you should take your McLaren to us at Flower Hill Auto Body because we have McLaren factory-certified technicians.  Trained and certified by McLaren, we can facilitate and conduct repairs on your McLaren in multiple areas.  This includes…

Paintless Dent Repair

A dent on the body of a vehicle is no small matter and many people are hesitant on repairing dents due to the possibility of damaging the paint on the vehicle.  However, with our many years of experience and factory certified technicians, we will be able to assess the dent and determine if paintless dent repair is right for your vehicle

Certified Licensed Welding

If your vehicle has some major damage that requires welding, know that we at Flower Hill Auto Body have you covered.  We have certified licensed welders who have experience with multiple mediums.  This includes aluminum, ultra-high strength steel, high-strength steel and more!  Our goal is to get your vehicle back to its pristine condition by doing factory certified work giving you peace of mind.

Besides the multitude of other services we offer, including easy insurance claims and processing, expert color matching and on-site rental vehicles, Flower Hill Auto Body is the only certified McLaren repair shop on Long Island.  So, come see us today, and we’ll get your McLaren back to its previous condition!