Winter is Coming, Be Prepared – Volvo Certified Collision Repairs in Long Island, New York

Winter is fast approaching, which means dangerous driving conditions are on the horizon. Be prepared for whatever the colder weather throws your way, by having Flower Hill Auto Body in your contact list. There is a multitude of reasons for having Flower Hill’s information, but today we will shine a light on the fact that we offer Volvo Certified Collision Repairs in Long Island, New York.

Behind every vehicle is a person driving it. An easy concept to remember, but not every manufacturer focuses on this bit of common sense. What we mean by this is that most companies focus more on looks than safety, but not Volvo. Because people drive cars, Volvo makes safety features its top priority with every vehicle they make; this includes the repair process. With Volvo, they focus on making the customer’s life less complicated, which led them to create their Volvo certified collision program for both maintenance and collision repair.

A certain level must be maintained to provide the best quality and consistency with Volvo repairs. This certification ensures that genuine parts are used during the repair process, which is crucial to guarantee that your Volvo performs to the best of its ability as if it were new. As a customer, there’s no way to verify that your vehicle will provide the same quality in safety and performance with aftermarket parts. Most of them aren’t tested to see if they can live up to the standards of genuine quality, which poses a risk to your safety. Flower Hill proudly possesses this certification as a way to show our dedication to our clients and their vehicles.

Being a certified Volvo collision facility also means that we have the proper tools, equipment, and training to repair your vehicle back to factory specifications, which aids in maintaining the vehicles’ warranties as well. With a combined sixty years of experience, our services are like none other, so remember to keep Flower Hill in mind this winter for any Volvo Certified Collision Repairs in Long Island, New York.