Trained To Be the Best – Your Certified Volvo Repair Shop in Long Island

Volvo has been known to provide the world with versatile vehicles that can do anything, all the while keeping you safe. Unfortunately, the advanced technology and athletic construction won’t always keep you out of an accident or occasional necessary repairs. In the case this occurs, you should know there’s a certified Volvo repair shop in Long Island just around the corner. That shop is Flower Hill Auto Body and we’re here to help with any Volvo repair.

At Flower Hill, we offer a level of service that goes unmatched due to our professional staff and extensive accreditations, like being a member of the Volvo Certified Collision Network. This certification lets the world know that our team has been through regular inspections and mandatory training events. Not all shops accomplish this feat due to its difficulty, but the technicians at Flower Hill are proud to say they can get the job done. This isn’t just a one-time thing, as all technicians have to maintain their certification to work on Volvo models. Not only are the technicians examined, but the shop itself goes under the microscope to verify equipment and materials used in the repair process. All this to make sure Volvo repair standards are kept and your experience is truly exceptional.

This system was put in place to give Volvo owners peace of mind when choosing a repair shop because Volvos are made with the utmost care in design and materials. Not every repair facility is able to restore vehicles back to their factory settings, which can prolong the vehicles warranties, but Flower Hill can. We utilize genuine parts along with our expert service to preserve the Volvos factory warranty, ensuring your safety on the road. These genuine parts are manufactured specifically for your Volvo to provide optimum performance and assurance, so why would you go anywhere that would use generic auto parts?

Flower Hill Auto Body strives for the best repairs and the best customer service, making us the easy choice for when you need a certified Volvo repair shop in Long Island. So give us a call, or swing on by if you have any questions!