Tis the season for luxury automotive repairs!

‘Tis the season for a luxury automobile repair at Flower Hill Auto Body, now with locations in Roslyn and Glen Cove. Flower Hill Auto Body is your one stop shop for certified OEM repairs that get you and your family back on the road in no time! 

Our team of experts continue to expand their knowledge every year by staying up to date with the fast-paced automotive industry. We pride ourselves for having a unique eye for the details that matter most to passionate car owners. This includes helping owners preserve their vehicles’ youthfulness through paint protection services. 

“Not only do we repair vehicles post-collision, but we also help owners preserve their investment,” said John Picciano, President of Flower Hill Auto Body. “We pride ourselves on helping our customers maintain the initial quality of their vehicle for many years.”

Our team consists of trained experts in the application of Ceramic Pro, a paint protection process that utilizes nanotechnology to preserve your vehicle’s paint for several years. No matter if you’re driving a family friendly SUV or a need-for-speed sports car, our team wants to help you keep your vehicle in its like new state. 

We carry Ceramic Pro’s complete line-up of protection products that help shield your vehicle from the following:

  • Scratches
  • Insect Acid
  • Dirt
  • Flying Debris
  • Tree Sap
  • Road Salt

Contact our team to find out which Ceramic Pro product is right for you and your specific make and model vehicle. Happening now through the end of the year, we are offering a complimentary detail with your purchase of Ceramic Pro to keep your vehicle looking great on the inside too! This is a small way our team can say thank you for your support year after year. From our family at Flower Hill Auto Body to yours, Happy Holidays!