The Best Paintless Dent Repair in Queens

Have you stumbled across an unsightly dent in your vehicle recently? You might think it’s unnecessary to go through the struggles of finding a repair shop for something so insignificant, but you shouldn’t have to drive around in a car that looks like it was beaten up by Serena Williams’ serve. Look no further than Flower Hill Auto Body if you want the best paintless dent repair in Queens! The professionals here can handle any paintless dent repair that comes their way, no matter how big or small the problem might be. A huge benefit to having trained staff to handle this type of repair, it that the original color of your vehicle is preserved when the dent is extracted. So have no fear, our team will do whatever it takes to have your car looking as if it were never damaged at all, sorry Serena.

Is It Really Necessary?

If you find yourself guessing on if paintless dent repair is the right choice for you, then just come see us. This repair option is excellent for preserving the vehicles original paint job, but it isn’t always the right path to choose. Our certified technicians will be able to assess the damage and point you in the right direction. In the case that there’s too much damage for this repair technique, we’ll still be able to repair your vehicle and can also expertly match your paint job thanks to our state of the art equipment. We won’t cut corners because we don’t believe that “a close match” is good enough, only perfection is.

How Does It Work?

It seems like the process of removing the dent while maintaining the paints integrity is a bit difficult, but it’s not. For the minor dents, all it takes is a little TLC by carefully kneading them out. Only when done correctly can one avoid damaging or removing the car’s paint, and we have over 70 years of experience under our belts, so there’s no second guessing if you came to the right shop. For the larger dents we will do whatever it takes to keep the original paint, but as we said before, we are also expertly trained in color matching and have the technology to execute this service if necessary.

So if you wake up one morning and notice that your car suffered hail damage, low impact damage, or the aggression of a tennis professional, then bring your vehicle down to Flower Hill Auto Body where we guarantee only the best paintless dent repair in Queens.