The Best in the Industry – Your Kia Repair Shop in Long Island and Queens

If your Kia has been in an accident, you need to be aware of any damage on the outside, as well as any on the inside. There are many unseen factors and parts that could have been damaged, and you would have no way of knowing! Sure, you could take it to a technician, but if they aren’t trained well, even they could miss something crucial. That’s not a problem at Flower Hill Auto Body, because our entire staff is professionally trained for any exterior and interior damage done to your Kia. That’s what makes us the best Kia repair shop in Long Island and Queens.

The Upper Hand

Working with Flower Hill for your Kia repair needs gives you the upper hand in the long run. Our team is continually undergoing training to learn new techniques that arise in the auto repair industry, so we are always up to date on all Kia products and policies. When we start working on your Kia, our customer service team will make sure to keep you updated on everything happening with your vehicle while it’s in our care. Our technicians use only the best-authorized parts during the repair process, so you always receive the best results. During this entire operation, we keep one goal in mind, which is to maintain the value of your Kia by providing the highest standard in service and repairs.

Upfront About Everything

It doesn’t matter what problems you’re having with your Kia; we can handle it at Flower Hill. But that doesn’t mean we are going to take advantage of your situation either; our team will give you a free repair estimate before you even come to our shop! We also go a step further to work with your insurance company or vehicle warranty so no value is lost and only the best results are gained. Don’t let the thought of tackling this process on your own scare you away from receiving the best possible service. We will work with you one on one, so each step is a breeze.

Don’t risk having your Kia repaired by a technician who only uses basic parts and methods, bring it into Flower Hill Auto Body, your Kia Repair Shop in Long Island and Queens.