The Best Auto Glass Service in Long Island

Driving down the highway, you find yourself behind a truck whos top-cover isn’t completely sealed. You start to notice a few rocks falling out of the back, and little chips hitting your windshield. Carefully and swiftly, you change lanes and pass the rock tossing truck and emerge without a scratch victoriously! Next thing you know…BAM…you still get hit with a rock. Chipped windshields are inevitable, but luckily there’s a reputable repair shop that provides the best auto glass service in Long Island, and that would be Flower Hill Auto Body.

It’s Just A Chip…Right?

When it happens to you, it can be really tempting just to ignore the chip or crack in the windshield, because it’s just a small crack, right? Wrong. The sooner you get that glass repaired, the better. Small damages may seem insignificant, but those small damages can later develop into significant problems. When the structure of the windshield is compromised, it becomes structurally unsound which results in an unsafe vehicle. Additionally, if you wait to get your windshield repaired and the crack gets worse, it will end up costing you more to have it fixed than if you took care of it sooner. So go to a repair shop as soon as possible, but where should you go?

Flower Hill Auto Body is Your Best Choice!

At Flower Hill Auto Body, we have 70 plus years of experience under our belt and understand the importance of all sized damages. Our factory trained and certified technicians will access the damages and make the necessary repairs and replacements suited for your specific needs. We will carefully remove any loose pieces of glass and clean the area before prepping the glass to be mended. We can handle any crack whether it’s a Bullseye, star, surface chip, combination, or any other crack! In our immensely spacious, 15,000 square foot facility, we have only the latest and greatest equipment and technicians to restore your broken windshield back to its original glory. If it’s all becoming too much, don’t worry. Sometimes all we have to do is fill in the crack with an optically-matched resin, which removes all air from the break which prevents the damage from spreading further.

Don’t wait a minute longer! Experience high-quality service and get your car down to Flower Hill Auto Body for the best auto glass service in Long Island!