Repairing Vehicles of the Future – Tesla Model 3 Repairs in Queens

Tesla is paving the way for futuristic vehicles in functionality, style, and safety, so don’t rely on a body shop that’s stuck in the past or still playing catch-up. When your advanced vehicle needs body and technological repairs, make sure you bring it to Flower Hill Auto Body, the only certified shop to execute Tesla Model 3 Repairs in Queens.

Certification is Mandatory

For a body shop to properly repair any Tesla model, it has to go through a strict evaluation process, and training done by only the Tesla Approved Body Shop Program. This program selects only the best in the auto repair industry around the entire country. It also provides training for those body shops who wish to receive this recognition, which helps technicians understand the repair process for the entire Tesla line-up. Along with teaching them how to repair each vehicle platform, like the aluminum body and chassis, it also goes into repairing the more advanced, multi-technology platform with is composed of aluminum, magnesium and high-strength blended steels. As difficult as it sounds, not many body shops can boast the honor of being recognized as a member of this elite program, but Flower Hill Auto Body has met these exact standards and is authorized to make these difficult and extensive repairs. Being Long Island’s only body shop that is Tesla Approved speaks volumes on its own.

Tesla 3 Specific Requirements

When it comes to the design of the Model 3, safety is the most critical aspect while the structure is a distinct combination of steel and aluminum to provide maximum strength throughout the entire body, even the roof. Though the roof of the Model 3 is constructed of all glass, it can still withstand the equivalence of two elephants! As for the interior, the cabin hosts incredible technology with a simple twist to give an open feel. Tech like a 15-inch touchscreen which houses all driver controls is not something to put in the hands of an inexperienced technician when repairs are needed. That’s not something you have to worry about with us because Flower Hill technicians are always undergoing certification tests to amplify their knowledge and skills.

While Flower Hill continues to go above and beyond in servicing all Tesla models, you can also be at ease knowing that we can also handle any necessary repairs to the Model 3. Providing only the best results is our strength, so bring your vehicle to Flower Hill Auto Body the next time you need help, the only certified shop to execute Tesla Model 3 Repairs in Queens!