Precision Crafted Repairs – Your Acura Certified Body Shop in Long Island

Over the past 30 years, Acura has been building cars that were meant to break the rules. Crafted with ultimate precision, every contour increases efficiency while bestowing an awe-inspiring muscular appearance. So what happens when you find yourself in need of repairs? With so much care going into the craft of each Acura, you can’t just take your car to any body shop. Your best option is Flower Hill Auto Body, your Acura certified body shop in Long Island.

The Importance of Certification

Being a ProFirst Collision Repair Facility requires collision industry training, specific Honda and Acura training, proper equipment, and many more essential necessities. Flower Hill Auto Body is exceptionally committed to customer satisfaction and has been awarded this prestigious title due to its diligent excellence in facility management and customer service. Over the course of sixty years, Flower Hill has provided high-quality service for a variety of vehicle models, providing the specific and necessary training for each car. Although the repair process is easy for you, our mechanics work proficiently to evaluate the damage, work out essential repairs, and make sure everything is done right the first time.

Customer Service is Key

At Flower Hill Auto Body, we not only take our repair methods seriously but we also wholeheartedly care for each customer’s needs. Our customer service staff is expertly trained to handle any situation, much like our technicians. After an accident, worrying about restoring your vehicle back to its original condition shouldn’t be something to concern yourself with. We work closely with insurance companies to ensure repairs are done as quickly as possible, and we can even arrange a vehicle for you to use while your car is in the shop.

Our vehicle repair services make your experience extremely simple, so why would you go anywhere else? Just bring your Acura into Flower Hill Auto Body, your Acura certified body shop in Long Island, and let us take care of you.