Other Shops Can’t Compare – Aston Martin Body Shop in Long Island, NY

An Aston Martin is more than just an iconic vehicle, is automotive art. Formed from the beautiful inspiration of the world around us, each vehicle is crafted to leave a lasting impression on those who see its beauty and experience it first hand. However, in a fleeting moment you can find yourself in an accident and in a dire need for repairs. Thankfully, you’ve happened across this article where we will explain why Flower Hill Auto Body is the premier Aston Martin Body Shop in Long Island, NY.

Don’t be fooled by other repair shops, it takes skilled training and specific certifications to properly work on an Aston Martin successfully. Our technicians have completed all necessary training for Flower Hill to become a member of the Aston Martin Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program. This signifies that we have the proper skills and tools to support Aston Martins of North America, especially when it comes to collision repairs. With this specialized training, our team can work on the complete line of Aston Martin platforms, including aluminum bodies, steel manufactured platforms and chassis platforms. There have also been recent changes that we are capable of handling as well, including the new multi-technology platforms of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and high-strength blended steels.

Aside from the exterior of the vehicle, it’s also important for repair technicians to understand the advanced technology within every Aston Martin. With each vehicle hosting their own strict and precise tolerances, only a qualified technician can sustain the Aston’s high quality design and factory warranties. We don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to part replacement either; only genuine parts can provide exceptional functionality, and that’s all we use for the Aston Martin’s in our care.

With all of this precision and care that we put forth, why would you go anywhere else? If you’re ready to commit to Flower Hill Auto Body as your go to shop, give us a call or check out our multiple accreditation’s on our website. You’ll understand quickly why we are the best Aston Martin Body Shop in Long Island, NY.