Never Settle For Less – Your Honda Certified Body Shop on Long Island

It’s one thing to be known as one of the best auto body repair shops on Long Island, but what you may not know is that Flower Hill Auto Body is also a genuine Honda part remanufacturing shop. Besides paintless dent repair, welding, and our many other services, we also repair all parts of Honda machines! Our technicians always undergo rigorous training and work hands-on with the vehicles, and the shop is also monitored by the Honda Body Repair Program personnel, so customers receive the best Honda vehicles on the market. So when you need a Honda Certified Body Shop on Long Island, think of Flower Hill Auto Body.

What Can We Do For Your Honda?

As stated before, we are a genuine Honda part remanufacturing facility, so we replace all necessary components to ensure that your Honda is repaired back to its full glory. Every part that comes into our shop is tested to ensure that they are truly genuine parts from Honda manufacturers. Our products also have warranties that are honored by Honda Dealers all across the country. If you don’t care for genuine parts, we also have aftermarket products that our trained experts can repair as well. Though you have that option, the only downside to aftermarket products is that they may not provide the same fit and structural strength that original Honda parts can.

What’s Special About Being ProFirst Certified?

Being a ProFirst Collision Repair Facility that is certified by American Honda Motor Cars means a repair shop has completed necessary collision industry training and has excelled in the entire collision repair process. Flower Hill is proud to be a ProFirst Certified facility because we are committed to providing a high level of customer satisfaction. So what makes this award so unique? To be recognized as a ProFirst body shop, they must complete I-CAR training, and additional Honda-specific training to ensure they are up to date on all the newest Honda technology. And because Honda vehicles are constructed with specific materials, that means they also need precise tools and equipment to repair the cars properly. All ProFirst Certified shops have this equipment, and their technicians are educated on utilizing the proper tools necessary for each different repair. In regards to the facility, all ProFirst shops are required to maintain and clean and professional space in and around the shop as well as in the customer lounge.

When you find yourself in need of a Honda Certified Body Shop on Long Island, whether it’s for major or minor repairs, keep Flower Hill Auto Body in the forefront of your mind if you want a truly unique experience.