In A League Of Their Own – Tesla Repairs on Long Island, NY

More vehicles are available in electric models instead of gas-powered, you might be wondering how beneficial owning an electric car could be. One popular electric vehicle on Long Island is the Tesla model range. Aside from saving in fuel costs and reducing polluting emissions, driving a Tesla can be quite rewarding. What happens when you find yourself needing repairs on an electric car? Basic body shops are not equipped to handle the advanced technologies within an electric car, Flower Hill Auto Body is certified to repair any model Tesla. Today’s article will answer any questions you may have about our services for Tesla repairs in Long Island.

Flower Hill Auto Body is a member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Program, making it Long Island’s first and ONLY factory trained Tesla Approved Body Shop. Our commitment and investment in training provide our customers with the best solutions in auto body repair ensuring that your Tesla is restored properly to it’s original condition. Some of these processes requires rigorous training, and the reasoning behind this is that electric car repairs are vastly different from a regular vehicle’s process. Most mechanics are trained to work with internal combustion engines instead of batteries, which is the powerhouse behind Teslas. Finding a reputable shop that can handle the advancements within a Tesla can be tiring, and you would probably end up having it serviced at the dealership. But with Flower Hill Auto Body, you do not have to worry about our technicians ability to perform Tesla repairs thanks to the certification that is maintained, completed, and passed!

The process behind repairing your Tesla back to its original glory involves specific equipment that most auto body shops do not have. At Flower Hill Auto Body, we have a designated curtained area we refer to as a “Clean Room,” which is equipped with technology to avoid dissimilar metal contamination during the repair process. When non-similar metals come into contact with one another in the presence of moisture, galvanic corrosion can occur. This happens because the wet metals act like a battery and produce an electrical current, which causes the surface of the metals to pit and corrode. To eliminate this from happening, we have an “Explosive Dust Extraction Vacuum System” that eliminates any dust from the repair process.