Get Summer Ready with Flower Hill Auto Body

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on vehicles leaving dents and dings from storms and minor scratches. Revive your vehicle and protect it from future seasonal damage with our 3M paint protection. Make an appointment today and get summer ready with Flower Hill Auto Body.

Similar to the importance of preparing your vehicle for winter weather, it is important to prepare for the spring and summer months that are just around the corner. From changing out air filters to cleaning your battery, our professional team can do it all, so you stay on the road for summer adventures. Aside from internal mechanisms, it’s also essential to maintain the external integrity of your vehicle. This year, the storms throughout New York have been brutal, and they have caused severe damage to many vehicle’s paint and finishes.

Through the winter months, your car’s exterior goes through extreme elements, more than any other season. While snow and ice on their own represent threats to your ride’s paint, the biggest threat comes from attempts to remove them – salt and corrosives on the road and the tools you use to clean off your car. Road crews often salt highways and freeways to keep roads less slick in the winter. This salty solution erodes the metal components of your car, so you can only imagine what it can do to your paint job. Also, if you’re not cautious or using the right tools, scraping off the ice and snow on your vehicle can add minor scratches that can become more noticeable over time. Our 3M Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle from this wear and tear, so once we buff out all the imperfections, this covered coating will keep your vehicle looking “off-the-lot” new.

Not only will our 3M clear paint protection film fight off future scratches, but it will also prevent your paint from fading. Direct sunlight can cause your car’s paint to fade prematurely and can even oxidize it, causing the paint to peel. And with spring and summer just around the corner, sunny days are soon to be a daily occurrence, so it’s best to prepare now rather than fixing more damage later. Other than sun damage, you also have to be worry about wind. While the wind itself won’t cause harm, the particles it carries will, such as sand and debris. Sand can affect your car’s paint job by scratching your car’s surface and causing your paint to peel away. Along with the wind carrying in sand, you should be concerned about branches, small bits of debris, and other items hitting your car and leaving behind dents and scratches that compromise your vehicle’s exterior integrity.

There are many ways weather may affect the durability and attractiveness of your car’s exterior, so be prepared for anything with our 3M Paint Protective Coating from Flower Hill Auto Body. Our team of experts will help you preserve the exterior of your vehicle and have it looking fresh so you’re summer ready.