Flower Hill is Certified for All Infiniti Repairs in Queens, New York

When you’ve been in an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is where to take you Infiniti for repairs. Thankfully, Flower Hill Auto Body has all of the certifications and proper training necessary to restore your vehicle to its former glory. So without further ado, here are a few reasons why Flower Hill is the best for Infiniti repairs in Queens, New York.

By working alongside Infiniti certified collision repair networks, you can breathe easy knowing your vehicle is in the hands of experts at Flower Hill. When you are a certified repair facility, only a superior experience will do, which includes using only high-quality parts and technicians that are trained to work on Infiniti’s. This commitment ensures our adherence to providing the best repair services possible, which is why Infiniti Motor Limited recognizes Flower Hill as a certified collision repair facility.

Certified facilities are also rated with iCar Gold Class business recognition, to show that the future value of your vehicle will be maintained which can also prolong the duration of warranties. Only about 20 percent of repair shops have this certification, which helps prepare our shop for anything. As electric cars and other models with advanced technologies increase in popularity, you would need a knowledgable and capable repair shop that can keep up with any industry changes. Having the iCar Gold Class certification lets you know that Flower Hill is always up-to-date on changing repair processes and can fix any issues your Infiniti may have.

An example of advanced Infiniti technology is the interactive map that hosts a navigation system with a compass app. This may seem like a standard-issue most repair shops can fix, but unless a repair technician (like the ones at Flower Hill) are continually updating their knowledge, they would have no way of knowing about any updates or changes.

There are many more reasons to trust Flower Hill Auto Body with your Infiniti repairs in Queens, New York, and you can discover them all on our website. If you’re ready to get your Infiniti back on the street as if it was never in a shop, then come on by Flower Hill, and let’s get to work.