Flower Hill Auto Body- Your Long Island Auto Body Shop

If you need any repairs on your vehicle, come see us at Flower Hill Auto Body, your Long Island auto body shop. We have set the standard that the competition can’t meet with our variety of auto body services. Whatever you need done to your vehicle, we can help! At Flower Hill Auto Body, you’ll get…

Manufacturer Certified Technicians

Our technicians at your Long Island auto body shop, are certified by various vehicle manufacturers. Need your Honda, Nissan, GM, or Ford serviced? We have you covered? What about some of the exotic vehicles? We have you covered too! Our Aston Martin and McLaren certified technicians, just to name a few, can get your vehicle back to its peak performance.

Auto Glass

It happens to all of us. You are driving down the road, minding your own business when suddenly, the vehicle in front of you kicks a rock up and cracks your windshield. While many of these cracks may seem small and harmless, it is recommended to repair these cracks as quickly as possible. This is because these cracks can lead to major safety issues later on, and even cost more money to repair. Our mission is to ensure all damaged auto glass will look the same, if not better, then how it looked prior to the issue.

Certified Licensed Welding

Sometimes, major repairs, such as welding, are needed on your vehicle. Our factory-certified technicians can help with all of your welding needs. Whether it is mild steel, high-strength steel, ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum or more, we can do it all! Not all shops can do what we do. While many shops lack the equipment or expertise, Flower Hill Auto Body, your Long Island auto body shop, has a state of the art, 15,000 square foot facility to handle all of your needs.

These are just a few of the many services Flower Hill Auto Body, your Long Island auto body shop, has to offer. Visit us online to see our other services. If you need work done on your vehicle, let us take care of it!