Flower Hill Auto Body- Porsche Certified Body Shop on Long Island

Flower Hill Auto Body is not your run of the mill auto body shop.  With over 70 years and spanning 3 generations, Flower Hill Auto Body has the experience you can trust, and the certifications that matter.  Not only are we SCRS certified, but we are also manufacturer certified by over 15 different manufacturers.  Ranging from Porsche to ford, we can handle all of your auto body needs.  So, if you are looking for a Porsche certified body shop on Long Island, come see us at Flower Hill Auto Body!

Why Do Manufacturer Certifications Matter?

Manufacturer certifications help set us apart from other body shops.  The manufacturer gives us the certifications only if we have the training and tools to meet their rigorous standards.  After being certified, we can take on all jobs associated with their brand, ranging from simple auto body work to complex engine or electronic system tune-ups. Porsche vehicles are complex, having multiple configurations and specifications.  Porsche vehicle platforms vary and can contain aluminum, magnesium or high-strength blended steel.  Through their training and certification process, we are able to work on all of these materials. By working with us, we can help keep your manufacture warranty in effect.  We also have vast experience working on Porsche vehicles, giving you peace of mind.  Over the years we have faced many issues that we have created solutions for.

Why Should I Go With You?

Besides being certified by Porsche, at Flower Hill Auto Body, we have numerous other services that set us apart from the competition.  For example, we assist our customers in the insurance claims process, making it as easy as possible.  We have also partnered with Enterprise Rent-a-Car and have rental vehicles onsite.  This level of convenience is something not many other auto body shops can provide.

As a Porsche certified body shop on Long Island, we place a great emphasis on value and safety.  To experience the difference, give us a call or visit us online and schedule an appointment today!