Flower Hill Auto Body History

Flower Hill Auto Body embraces their heritage of fine automobile repair craftsmanship. From the very beginning, their story started with family and continues strong into three generations of operation and ownership. The original repair facility was founded in the late 1940s after World War II by John Picciano Sr. John Sr. ‘s business partner, a man by the name of Joe Damiani, bought the current Roslyn location as a second shop to his service station in Great Neck, NY. John Sr. soon took over the Roslyn shop, and at the time that he and Joe Damiani split from their business partnership. From that day on, March 24th, 1966, the “Flower Hill Auto Body” name was coined and a family legacy continued. John Sr. and John Jr. became main business partners later on, and in 1970 John Jr. became 100% owner. In the early 2000’s, John III joined as the third generation partner, and Flower Hill Auto Body is currently operated by the father son duo.

“We have four father and son employees on our team and consider our staff our extended family. We have multiple employees that have been here over 35 years.” – John Jr & John III.

As the business grew, both John Jr. and John III knew what they needed to stand out among other repair shops, which is why they decided to embrace OEM certification programs in 2003, starting with Aston Martin. By aligning themselves with the vehicle manufacturers, their reputation for producing the highest quality and safest repair possible became stronger, growing from one certification to now twenty-five OEM certifications.

“We are constantly striving to separate ourselves from other repair facilities through ongoing training and education…we take pride in our facility and our team and provide quality when it matters most.” – John Jr & John III.

As times change and customers become third-generation customers, satisfaction is the only way to ensure they keep coming back. As the automotive industry continues to evolve into a more complex and competitive setting, being certified is quickly becoming the only way to work on vehicles with proper repair solutions. Customer satisfaction has been their only form of advertising for over 50 years.

All of Flower HIll Auto Body’s achievements are industry-based, and as they continuously learn and improve, the growth and success follows. What sets Flower Hill Auto Body apart from a typical repair shop is the commitment to the industry standards and their direct access to manufacturers. This access allows their team to have the proper tooling, information, and training to ensure your car is properly cared for. If you find yourself needing repairs from Manhattan to Montauk, contact Contact Us Flower Hill Auto Body and allow our family to help keep your family safe on the road.