First Class Repairs – Your Ford Certified Repair Shop in Long Island and Queens

Just because something is Built Tough, doesn’t mean it’s invincible. In the circumstance of an accident, you’ll want to bring your Ford to repair experts that will treat you and your vehicle respectfully, through exceptional service and genuine parts. Flower Hill Auto Body is home to those repair experts as a Ford Certified Repair Shop in Long Island and Queens. Keep reading to learn why we stand out amongst the rest in first class repairs.

Unique Cars Deserve Unique Service

A Ford vehicle is unique from the design down to its individual parts, and to maintain its quality and integrity, you need an authorized facility that is specially trained to handle any repair. Flower Hill Auto Body is one of these facilities, as we are recognized as members of the Ford National Body Shop Network. We have met and exceeded the standards required by Ford for the necessary tools, training, and equipment to fully repair all vehicles. By performing only high-quality repairs, we can maintain the warranties on your car, further preserving your vehicle and saving you more in the long run.

What’s the Ford National Body Shop Network?

This body shop network combs through repair facilities from around the country and selects only the best for representation. They also provide specialized training for the entire Ford lineup to support repairs of all platforms like aluminum body and chassis, steel manufactured, and even the new platform of magnesium, aluminum, and blended steels. When a repair shop wishes to be recognized as a member of the Ford National Body Shop network, they have to go through intense scrutinization in customer support, tools, and repair abilities. Flower Hill has done all of these things so you can trust your vehicle in our hands.

With these skilled technicians and accreditations, you can trust that Flower Hill Auto Body is the best Ford Certified Repair Shop in Long Island and Queens for you! So if you find yourself in a bind, whether it’s physical damage or electrical, bring your Ford to us, and we will have you out on the streets in no time.