Don’t Fall Into The Wrong Hands – Your Certified Audi Repair Shop in Queens, NY

You put a lot of trust in an auto mechanic to repair your vehicle back to its original condition, and it’s essential to do so to maintain warranties and the integrity of the vehicle. This holds especially true for Audi vehicles because their complete line of model platforms include steel, aluminum, and the new multi-technology platform that includes aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium, and high-strength blended steels. With such a complex chassis, you can’t have any ol’ mechanic working on your Audi! You need a team of professionals that are trained specifically to handle the complete line of Audi vehicles, and you’ll only find that at Flower Hill Auto Body, your certified Audi repair shop in Queens, NY.

What makes Flower Hill Auto Body certified? Our shop is a member of the Audi Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program, which means that our team is always ahead of the game with training and equipment. Because we have completed the necessary training and obtained the proper tools, we have earned the highest level of certification from Audi, the Audi Ultra Certification. The whole reason for having this program is to select only the best auto repair shops throughout the country and provide the necessary training that is needed. Like we mentioned earlier, the entire Audi line-up is constructed with a variety of materials. Each one has their own specific repair processes, and if you risk taking them to someone who isn’t trained to handle them, you run the risk of doing long-term damage to your vehicle.

You might question exactly what our process is when you bring your Audi in, and we encourage that! All of our work is transparent and upfront, so you are always aware of what we are doing with your vehicle and you know you’re receiving the best benefits like:

  • High-quality repair services suitable for an Audi.
  • Genuine Audi spare parts that meet technical performance standards are used.
  • Assurance of services that meet OEM specifications and are approved by Audi.
  • Reduce repair time.
  • Guaranteed restoration back to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Fixed Right the First Time: You will receive all the proper repair services you expect when working with Flower Hill Auto Body.

Don’t end up at the wrong shop. Do your research when you need a certified Audi repair shop in Queens, NY, or simply give us a call at Flower Hill Auto Body. We look forward to hearing from you!