Disinfect and Eliminate Bad Odors – Now Offering Auto Disinfectant System in Long Island, New York

Disinfect the interior of your car for a fresh, clean feeling. Contact Flower Hill Auto Body.  Our professional team will work with you to set up an appointment to experience our new service.

Have you ever purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle and there was something about the interior smell that bothered you? Everything else about the car is perfect, but there is a lingering odor in the seats that ordinary air fresheners can’t eliminate. Flower Hill Auto Body understands the frustration of unidentifiable smells and the difficulty behind removing them entirely.  This is why we have a new in-house service we know you’ll appreciate. Introducing our new mobile disinfectant system in Long Island, New York!

The disinfectant system is just what it appears to be, which is a disinfecting product for the interior of your vehicle. Cars and trucks are tiny spaces with a lot of high-touch areas, so it is essential to take steps in reducing the risk of catching any unwanted germs or dealing with unpleasant smells. People often use this system to help rid unwanted cigarette smoke when they buy a used vehicle. Also, as everyone is becoming more aware of their health and sanitary practices, it seems like an overall good time to disinfect your vehicle.

The system works by using a fog-like mist to coat the interior of the vehicle. Our technicians will take great care in spraying all of the high-touch areas such as the door panels, steering wheel, gear shift knob, and electronic display system. The disinfectant is safe on all surfaces, so there will be no damage to your dashboard, electronics, seats, or leather detailing, only unwanted bacteria and smells. With this added peace of mind and finally being able to embrace that “new car smell,” you can drive around confidently without wanting to hold your breath or drive with the windows down.

If you’re ready to eliminate those mystery smells within your vehicle, or want to disinfect the interior for a fresh, clean feeling, give us a call at Flower Hill Auto Body. Our professional team will work with you to set up an appointment to try our new service, the disinfectant system in Long Island, New York! We hope to see you soon, and remember to stay safe!