Big or Small, Flower Hill can Handle it All – Expert Color Matching in Long Island

There are many reasons to need color matching services done on your vehicle. Usually, it’s due to minor and significant accidents in need of a touch-up, but there are other times when a new paint job is necessary. Either way, no matter the severity of the project, you should always seek out only the best when you need an experts touch. At Flower Hill Auto Body, we have the tools and trained professionals to provide the best expert color matching in Long Island. We take great care in our work and believe that you deserve the best customer service and care no matter how big or small the problem might be.

What to Expect

When you drop off your car to Flower Hill Auto Body, we will utilize the latest state of the art equipment in our 15,000 square foot facility to match your vehicles paint color efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you have been in a fender bender, just have a few scratches, or if the color merely has faded, we will provide the same professional level of care across the board. Our masterfully trained technicians have extensive blending and matching skills to repair the scratch, along with incredible technology to assist in the color matching process. This provides astounding results to the point where you will never be able to tell where the original damage was. The ultimate goal of Flower Hill Auto Body is to provide our customers with the best service, so they are completely satisfied. With over sixty years and three generations of service under our belt, we are confident in doing so, and you should be too. Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews on our website and see what everyone else thinks of our work

Don’t take your vehicle to a body shop that will “eyeball” their color matching services. Trust only the professionals and bring your car down to Flower Hill Auto Body for expert color matching in Long Island, and drive off with your vehicle looking as new as the day you bought it!