Auto Body Repairs vs A New York Winter: What You Need to Know

Winter weather accidents are no stranger to the team at Flower Hill Auto Body. As the harsh New York winter continues to wear out its welcome, you may find yourself in an unfortunate accident situation due to slick road conditions.

While the majority of these winter-weather-related collisions don’t classify as life-threatening, they often require cosmetic repairs to your vehicle. Our team, made up of Roslyn community members, does more than just go through the motions of a vehicle repair. We take the weather into consideration when repairing your damaged vehicle.

When temperatures plummet below freezing, which occurs more often than not, your vehicle in pristine condition falls vulnerable to paint damage. Yes, freezing temperatures not only deplete your Vitamin D intake, but that frigid air also chips away at your vehicle’s paint.

“We recommend everyone to park their vehicle in a garage if at all possible,” said John Picciano, Vice President of Flower Hill Auto Body. “I grew up in the neighborhood and I know how cold impacts the fit and finish of your vehicle.”

Our repair process and our facilities keep tough New York winters in mind. For example, we repair your vehicle in a temperature-controlled environment so it’s repaired right the first time. Moreover, we take extra preparatory measures when repairing your vehicle during the winter months, ensuring our customers receive the top-notch quality we know they deserve!

When searching for a repair shop ask about winter repairs and never settle for less. At Flower Hill Auto Body, we go above and beyond to keep you looped in throughout the entire repair process all the while keeping your vehicle warm and cozy. We do whatever it takes to restore your vehicle to its like-new condition, no matter the complications that winter weather brings. Please, give us a call or request an estimate here!