Are We Qualified To Handle McLaren Repairs in Long Island, New York?

The McLaren was created to do more than push boundaries and exceed limitations; it was created to rethink them. To provide breathtaking performance, you have to do more than be “good enough” to deliver a thrilling experience, and the same can be said for repairs. With unfathomable innovations, McLaren continually strives for perfection and going to a basic mechanic for McLaren Repairs in Long Island, New York won’t cut it. But you have Flower Hill Auto Body in your backyard, and here’s why that information is the best news you’ll hear all day.

Flower Hill is composed of highly educated technicians and McLaren experts, which is the only type of body repair specialist you should leave in charge of repairing your McLaren. Since this is such a technologically advanced vehicle, constructed of lightweight carbon fibers and aluminum subframes, extensive training is required to be a member of the McLaren Factory Authorized Collision Repair Program. Flower Hill does hold this distinction which tells you that our team has completed all the required training and has all of the necessary equipment to restore the complete line of McLaren vehicle platforms properly.

Due to the state of the art technology and the specially designed chassis, it’s imperative to have certified experts handling repairs to maintain the vehicles high quality. Not every mechanic can work with carbon fiber due to the difficulty, but our status ensures that the repairs we perform at Flower Hill will retain the factory warranties on your vehicle and be properly executed. We have gone through specialized courses in structural repair work, body restoration work, and our technicians are fully certified aluminum welders. Every stone has been turned to prove that Flower Hill is the only place to take your McLaren.

If you have any reservations or want more information about our repair process, feel free to give us a call or visit our website. We offer plenty of other services that might convince you what we’ve known all along, that Flower Hill Auto Body is the best shop for McLaren Repairs in Long Island, New York.