Advanced Cars Require Advanced Repairs – Tesla Repairs in Queens, New York

With electric cars on the rise, the repair process isn’t what it used to be. Tesla Motors provides the most advanced vehicles to date, proving that electric-powered cars are the way to go. And even though these vehicles are designed with the greatest care and advanced safety features, accidents are imminent. That’s why you need to prepare, and remember that Flower Hill Auto Body is the only place for Tesla repairs in Queens, New York.

By being a member of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Program, our certifications show that we meet the standards of Tesla Motors to operate on structurally bonded aluminum bodies. We are the first, and only Tesla approved body shop in Queens, which is something you need to keep in mind when you need repairs. Our expertly trained staff can rebuild Tesla vehicles to their original specifications by incorporating the best and most updated welding, aluminum casings, extrusion, and adhesive bonding technology.

What makes this program so important is that it selects only the best collision repair facilities throughout the country, while also providing the proper training necessary for all Tesla platforms. This includes aluminum body and the new multi-technology platform of, aluminum, magnesium, and high-strength blended steels. Our team of technicians have all undergone rigorous training to ensure their aluminum casting and wielding capabilities meet strict OEM specifications, so you can be assured that your Tesla receives only the best care.

Our shop is also monitored by Tesla Body Repair Program personnel to make sure that our customers get the best results from their Teslas, so don’t waste another moment searching for the perfect repair shop. Flower Hill Auto Body has plenty more to offer like rentals and insurance assistance, but give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. Being the best and only shop for Tesla repairs in Queens, New York, is something we’re proud of, and soon you’ll see why.