A Shop Above All Others – Aluminum Certified Repair Technicians in Queens

It’s one thing when you need body repairs from accidents or natural causes, but that doesn’t mean that you can go to any old repair shop. You need to go somewhere you can trust the quality of work, and Flower Hill Auto Body is that place! We offer a variety of repair services, including one that people tend to overlook, which is certified aluminum repair. For the last 70 years, we have dedicated ourselves and our technicians to offer the best possible services, so keep reading to learn why Flower Hill should be the place you go for aluminum certified repair technicians in Queens.

Why We’re the Best

As we said, being around for quite a while has taught us a thing or two about what you’re looking for in a repair facility. With over 15,000-square feet of space filled to the brim of the latest equipment, there’s no repair we can’t handle, and our technicians are skilled in the most up to date techniques, including aluminum repair. We take great pride in our work and strive to make each of our customers happy, which is why customer satisfaction is our top priority! So even if you’re not entirely satisfied with the services you receive from Flower Hill, just bring your vehicle back, and we will make sure you leave satisfied with the results.

Why Does Aluminum Certification Matter?

Not many repair shops know the difference between steel and aluminum repairs, which can cause more harm than good towards your vehicle! That is why our technicians are aluminum certified repair specialists, and that’s not an easy accomplishment. Aluminum doesn’t mold as easily as steel does, making this repair process much more difficult, and it doesn’t respond that well to heat either. This is where other repair shops fall flat, but not Flower Hill! We understand the true differences between repairs that require aluminum, and we would never slack on the job by going the easier route with steel.

Deciding between repair shops shouldn’t be a burden, which is why we make it simple. Our staff is professionally trained and certified, and we put our customer’s happiness above all else, so really, what more is needed? Don’t risk and unskilled technician getting their hands on your aluminum body and treating it like steel, visit us at Flower Hill Auto Body, your aluminum certified repair technicians in Queens!