Verifacts Recognition Recently Received – VeriFacts VQ Certified from Manhattan to Montauk

Flower Hill Auto Body has set out to achieve yet another recognition to prove our dedication to quality repairs for our customers. Our team has completed and met the accreditation requirements of VeriFacts VQ, we are now  Certified in Queens, New York. Through diligent efforts within our staff, and by achieving above-average standards in equipment, repair skills, information, and materials, we can proudly boast about being a reputable leader in collision repair. We do not plan on stopping there; our goal is to reach the highest level of recognition with VeriFacts, which is VQ Medallion.

Who is VeriFacts and Why Does it Matter?

VeriFacts was established in 2002 when an audit of automotive repairs uncovered thousands of issues and habitual problems in the repair industry. They are an independent, third-party quality verification service that offers expert analysis, coaching, and education to ensure excellence in all collision repairs. Their goal is to provide answers and a trusting resource when it comes to choosing the right collision facility. For a repair shop to achieve such recognition, they have to demonstrate superior performance in all aspects of the repair process.

What is VeriFacts VQ?

VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) is a status earned when shops can demonstrate impeccable repair procedures and results. When a shop wishes to achieve this status, they must enroll in a Quality Calibration, where a performance coach will evaluate the shop’s current standing. The coach will then return to the shop every month, unannounced, and write up a report to be delivered to management. It is only after the shop has demonstrated proper repairs and adjustments based on the feedback, they will then be invited to become a Verified Quality shop. VeriFacts also provides a Program Subscription, which will assist with the different steps towards recognition. A few of these being a toll-free technical support line, monthly quality management reports, and benchmarking against other shops in the state and nation.

As we continue to work towards VQ Medallion status, trust that the technicians at Flower Hill Auto Body are here for you and your vehicle. If you’re in need of repairs or any other cosmetic vehicle services, give us a call or visit our website for more information.