The Ultimate Repair Shop – BMW Repairs in Long Island

Owning a  BMW is an extension of owning your dreams and aspirations. Luxurious, powerful, and awe-inspiring, you do your best to keep it in top condition. Despite efforts though, accidents are imminent, and preparation is key for moments like that. Thankfully you came across this article and are about to discover what makes the Flower Hill Auto Body repair facility the best resource in returning to driving on the road as soon as possible. After reading, you will rest assured that Flower Hill Auto Body is the best auto shop for BMW repairs in Long Island, New York.

From the onset, it’s essential to know that Flower Hill Auto Body has completed the BMW Factory Paint and Body Training Program, signifying its proficiency in BMW repairs. All required training has been completed, and the body shop is adequately equipped with the appropriate equipment. The reason BMW has enacted this program is to select only the best repair facilities throughout the country and provide the necessary training needed. Having this training provides you, as a customer, security that our staff is qualified to care for the complete line of BMW vehicle platforms, including aluminum body and chassis platforms and the new multi-technology platform of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, and high-strength blended steels.

Our trained staff of BMW-sanctioned repair specialists go above and beyond to provide you with only the best service possible. Being specialized in BMW systems means that we can handle cosmetic and electrical manual repairs, and are also trained in aluminum and carbon fiber technology. Structural repairs are also a strength for our staff, and every detail is considered to provide you with excellent service. From the moment our technicians initially enroll in the one-year mentorship program during their extensive training, they receive hands-on experience. Our team is exposed to real damaged vehicles during training to ensure proper repair techniques are met.

There are a plethora of services we offer to pair with your BMW repairs in Long Island, which include vehicle rentals, automotive glass repairs, and even assistance with your insurance claims. We pride ourselves on our combined 60 years of service and make our customers our number one priority. Please give us a call anytime if there are any questions you may have or are needing assistance.