Steel Isn’t Always the Best – BMW Aluminum Body Repair in Long Island

Off the top of your head, you would assume that all vehicles are comprised mostly of steel; but this is not always the case. Like most BMW’s, aluminum is their go-to metal, but does this difference really matter when it comes to repairs? The answer is yes, absolutely! So where would you go for the best BMW aluminum body repair in Long Island? Well, Flower Hill Auto Body of course…

Our staff consists of BMW-sanctioned repair specialists, ready to handle any repair your BMW needs. The high-quality repair process we implement ensures that you can maintain your vehicle’s warranties while getting the required adjustments. This isn’t some process we learned overnight either; the entire team successfully completed the BMW Factory Paint and Body Training Program which tells the world that Flower Hill has completed all of the required training as well as obtained the necessary equipment to support BMW of North America. Only the best collision repair facilities can receive this recognition, which is essential because BMW’s are constructed with state of the art technology and stringent tolerances. You wouldn’t want a technician working on your car that isn’t qualified; it could cause more damage in the long run.

Besides offering repair services in the cosmetic and electrical department, our technicians are additionally trained in aluminum and carbon fiber technology. It’s essential to have a knowledgeable technician for this type of repair because this technology is used on the visible outer parts of the vehicle and it’s not the same as steel. Many shops today don’t understand the difference between aluminum and steel, and if you have someone unqualified working on your BMW without the proper materials, they could cause irreversible damage. Aluminum is much more challenging to work with because it’s not as malleable as steel and doesn’t respond to heat that well. But you don’t have to worry when you bring your BMW to Flower Hill, because for the past 60 years, we’ve been on the cutting edge of repair techniques and technician training.

If you drive an aluminum vehicle, like a BMW, then don’t risk taking it to an unskilled professional! Bring your car down to Flower Hill Auto Body, where you will receive the best BMW aluminum body repair in Long Island.