Not Your Average Repair Process – Carbon Fiber and Composite Structural Repair in Queens

When it comes to structural repairs, body shops often use steel, a standard material. This method requires specialized training even though it is so common, but steel doesn’t amount to the quality carbon fiber can offer. Carbon fiber is a material often used in higher-end vehicles, such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, and many more. Flower Hill Auto Body proudly offers carbon fiber and composite structural repair In Queens, so keep reading to learn why this specialized service is a valuable service to provide.

How Carbon Fiber Repairs Work

What makes carbon fiber a better material than steel is its superior strength and light-weight. It’s made of multiple layers of thin carbon filaments that are bounded by a plastic polymer resin, resulting in a “woven” design to be used on vehicle components like roof panels, doors, and fenders. Different requirements are necessary for this repair process, and the technicians at Flower Hill are trained and certified in this composite structural repair. What makes it so difficult is that technicians must determine the type of carbon fiber cloth needed, as well as how many layers to use. The technique used during this repair is called “scarfing” and is increasingly difficult to complete. It involves grinding down the carbon fiber cloth outwards with a tool to expose each layer, then the repair is made at the center. As we said, this isn’t something that can be easily done, which is why we can proudly say that Flower Hill Auto Body is indeed advanced when it comes to vehicle repairs.

Experience Matters

Being in business for more than 70 years has taught us a thing or two. We have accumulated enough knowledge over the years to know how to run a body shop properly, and have mastered difficult repair techniques, like carbon fiber repair. Even though it’s difficult to find body shops with these skills, you won’t have to worry if you bring your vehicle into Flower Hill Auto Body. So the next time you’re on Long Island, keep us in mind for your carbon fiber and composite structural repair In Queens.