Celette Equipment is the Preferred Equipment for Repairs at Flower Hill Auto Body

At Flower Hill Auto Body we believe in the best care for your vehicle. This explains why we invest in getting top-notch equipment for your Auto Body Repairs.

Flower Hill Auto Body proudly uses Celette, one of the most trusted names in collision repair equipment to deliver exquisite repairs that leave your vehicle looking brand new. Our shop utilizes a wide variety of Celette products. With extensive training on the Celette product line-up of equipment, our Flower Hill Auto Body technicians use the full lineup of Celette systems, a pioneer in the collision repair space, so your vehicle gets fixed right the first time.

Celette, known for its reputable straightening machine and framing bench, brings over 60 years of experience in collision repair, resulting in high trust and loyalty from OEMs around the world.

Flower Hill Auto Body chooses the best equipment so that we can deliver the best value to our customers.

Flower Hill Auto Body and Celette are both approved by multiple, high-line OEMs including:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Audi
  • McLaren
  • Tesla
  • Porsche
  • And many more!

Moreover, just like the high standards held at Flower Hill Auto Body – Celette’s equipment and our repair technicians undergo rigorous, independent testing and must meet high training standards before we begin work on your vehicle.

Together, Flower Hill Auto Body’s highly skilled technicians and Celette’s pioneering repair equipment help create a partnership that provides exceptional vehicle repair time and time again via exceptional vehicle repair. With over 150 years of service and training in the field — our committed combination brings years of valuable experience to make sure that your customer experience is second to none.

If you want the best care and first-class service bring your vehicle to Flower Hill Auto Body where we proudly use Celette – the most preferred repair equipment in the automotive industry.