Flower Hill Auto Body’s BMW trained staff will ensure that a BMW-sanctioned repair specialist will perform high quality repairs so that you can maintain the factory warranties on your vehicle. Here are some of the services offered by Flower Hill Auto Body:

  • The Flower Hill staff are specialized in BMW systems. Some available services include cosmetic and electrical manual repairs. They are knowledgeable in the repair of catalog parts for multiple aspects of the vehicle.
  • Apart from just offering the services, they are also trained in aluminum and carbon fiber technology. This is commonly used in the visible outer parts of the vehicle.
  • They are trained in repair and replacement of structural parts of the vehicle.
  • In every detail of the vehicle, our experts take great care to make sure things are in fantastic shape. With specialized training our team of experts has a long standing commitment to excellence.
  • The training program offers a one-year mentorship program that equips its trainees with hands on skills that is essential for their day to day training. Our experts are exposed to real vehicles that are damaged so that they can develop them into useful and effective machines.

Flower Hill Auto Body has successfully completed the BMW Factory Paint and Body Training Program. This signifies that Flower Hill Auto Body has completed the required training and has acquired the equipment needed to support BMW of North America, seeking collision repair needs.

This program was put in place to select only the best auto collision facilities around the country and provide each member with the training they need. This specialized training helps support all repair and care for the complete line of BMW vehicle platforms, including steel manufactured platforms, aluminum body and chassis platforms and the new multi-technology platform of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and high-strength blended steels.

When dealing with vehicles with state of the art technology, it is very important to have specialized and trained facilities to handle any repair. Each BMW is built with very strict and precise tolerances whether it is the engine or the way the chassis is designed. In order to sustain the high level of quality that the vehicle has, it is imperative to have a qualified and authorized repair facility handle any collisions.